Wellness at work


Renew your employees minds and confidence with Renew’s ‘Wellness at Work’ sessions!

My service helps to combat the statistics that show approximately 1/2 of the working days that are lost per year are due to stress, anxiety and depression, which also account for 37% of all work related ill health cases. Work related stress, anxiety and depression is also thought to cost Great Britain 5.2 billion yearly. See HSE for more info.

Here at Renew using a variety of modalities show below, I can support your employees in gaining increased job satisfaction, reducing burn-out and enhancing their mental wellbeing. Supported, happy employees with good work-life balance are integral to your business.

Through Renew, as an employer, you can positively impact the culture of your workplace increasing engagement and retention.

The modalities I use are multifaceted and definitely not “one size fits all”! They are aimed to support a variety of employees and include;

Mindfulness is well documented to reduce anxiety, stress and depression. Other evidence suggests that 91% of people reported it positively impacted culture (in the workplace) and  66% felt less stressed!

Meditation, mindfulness and stress reduction programmes are fast becoming common in the work-place!

These tools can be delivered as groups or as one to one sessions.

I have a variety of packages available to suit your businesses needs.

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