“About 4 weeks after the birth of my son, it became apparent that I needed help to process what had been a very difficult and traumatising time. My son and I received inadequate after-care while in hospital and at home, as a result we both got quite poorly. Also due to an undetected tongue tie, he had problems feeding and lost a lot of weight. This was a leading cause of my post-natal anxiety and hypervigilance.

 I did some research and found Hannah. I liked that she was unique in that she wasn’t just a therapist (practitioner) but a past Obs and Gynae medical professional. By the time I made contact with Hannah, I hadn’t slept for weeks and was constantly terrified something terrible would happen to my baby. My mind kept replaying all my experiences over and over continuously. I was exhausted and broken. My marriage was also starting to suffer.

From the initial telephone conversation with Hannah, I felt listened to and vindicated. I felt understood. She also helped me realise that events from my past may have also had an effect on my thoughts and feelings in the present. The first session was the most helpful. I was able to tell my story from start to finish. Hannah provided me with comfort and reassurances.

Her therapy sessions helped to process my story and gave me practical tips on how to better deal with anxiety ‘triggers’. Therapy with Hannah gave me my sanity back, and made my family life infinitely happier/better.

I dread to imagine what kind of place I would be in mentally if I hadn’t met you. Take care x x x x”