“Following a 2nd traumatic birth- I thought how I felt was normal and that maybe I had PND. No one talks about it, it was hard to understand and I just hoped that over time it would get better. As the months went by I realised this wasn’t the case. I was encouraged by a kind friend to visit an information session where Hannah was talking about birth trauma. I sat in a room full of other women all expressing these thoughts and feelings that I had wizzing round my head whilst looking at my beautiful smiling son and it suddenly dawned on me that this is not ok and I needed to do something about it, at any cost. So I did, I took the plunge and started seeing Hannah.

That was one of the best decisions of my life- she gave it me back.

I was suffering with anxiety, I had become very flat in mood, withdrawn, very negative, tearful, unable to sleep or feel at peace, flashbacks.

Through Hannah’s treatment of working through these issues in deep relaxation it was rather amazing the results, I was so shocked I couldn’t believe it. After the first relaxation session I was already so much improved. I saw Hannah 4 times (3 would’ve sufficed) and I left feeling my old self with none of the above symptoms.

I’m now enjoying every minute of being a mum of two and feel positive about the future whatever that may bring.

If any of my story relates to you, please don’t hesitate, go and get your life back and enjoy it- Hannah can do that for you.