“My natural default is skepticism about this kind of thing, but I found the sessions we did were really practical and helpful!

The first session was just really useful in terms of understanding what the process involves and what key areas of focus might be for future sessions. It gave me lots of useful food for thought.

Although I didn’t feel I was hugely affected by birth complications I experienced- because in the immediate aftermath I just felt relief that it was over and joy that my baby was ok, I realised that I was filled with a slight sense of dread when contemplating future births and having to go through the same thing again.

The second session helped me to focus on specific areas of birth trauma and took me through some practical steps to help me process and deal with any emotions/fears linked to it.

I thought the relaxation and visualisation techniques used were really practical and easy to do, and effective too!

I don’t normally find it very easy to switch off, but I found Hannah’s manner very calming, supportive and easy to enter into a relaxed state with.

I didn’t experience any side effects afterwards, but I have noticed I am definitely more calm when I contemplate a future pregnancy or birth experience now- which was my main aim for the sessions!

Thank you!!”