“My first birth was a difficult situation and quite traumatic. I had an emergency section under general anaesthestic. I waited 6 months after my birth to get any help as I thought all my feelings were normal but I couldn’t move on. I wished at that time I had got help earlier.

With my second birth, although I had tried to have a natural birth for many hours at home, when I didn’t progress I went in and due to my previous experience I wanted a C section whilst I was awake and it wasn’t an emergency.

I had this C section eventually and I was awake. I saw my baby as soon as she was born and it would have been a perfect birth if the doctor who dealt with me hadn’t said and done things to me that later on caused me to have flashbacks, and extreme anxiety, at a time in which I wanted to enjoy my baby.

My midwife told me about Dr Sloan who spoke to me on the phone, I explained the situation and she agreed to see me.

I met her in a quiet room in a place I felt safe. She explained why I felt like I did and how my brain was working. It really helped me to understand. My first session was life-changing for me more so because I knew I had made the right decision to get help. I came away so pleased I had contacted Hannah sooner rather than later.

She helped me to help my brain process what had happened to me. With relaxation techniques and letting my brain process the scenarios each session was liberating. It was hard reliving some events but at the end realising how far I had come, every session was worth every penny.

I am grateful to my midwife for telling me about Hannah but also for Hannah helping me to now enjoy my baby!

Thank you!”