“I was signposted to this therapy by a healthcare professional from Liverpool Women’s hospital as I was looking for help with extreme birth anxiety.

My sessions with Hannah were tailored to my needs – I felt that the therapy was throughly explained, I was guided through what would happen throughout each session and how this type of therapy works (which I found very reassuring and helpful).

Because of my sessions I am now able to think about my birth in a calm and positive way, and can actually feel more ‘normal’ emotions such as excitement and happiness rather than the overwhelming thoughts of anxiety and negativity I had before. This has helped me plan my birth and feel much more ready and relaxed than I ever thought was possible. I’m hoping to have at least one or two more sessions closer to my due date to increase my feeling of positivity and calmness ready for my birth experience.

I would recommend this type of therapy to anyone suffering from anxiety about giving birth as I would describe myself before this therapy as completely terrified when imagining birth and quite alone in these feelings – now I am much more positive and able to use techniques to be calm and relaxed when thinking about the experience I am about to have. I am so grateful to Hannah and honestly feel that this treatment has made such a huge difference in making my pregnancy a positive time.

I would recommend this treatment to anyone suffering with anxiety and I think Hannah is a fantastic therapist (practitioner) who made me feel relaxed, calm and informed throughout the sessions.”