Therapy service

Here at Renew I offer a safe place to chat about your birth trauma or pregnancy loss.

You may feel emotionally traumatised from your own birth or pregnancy loss, this may be your first pregnancy and you feel overly anxious or fearful about the upcoming birth or you may be a birth partner or health professional that feels traumatised from a birth you have witnessed.

Here at Renew I’d love to help you find breakthrough in this area.

I specialise in short solution focussed trauma therapy based on Human Givens psychotherapy techniques. This is also a non-disclosure therapy, so minimal information about your trauma may be needed if speaking about it is too painful.

My training is accredited by the Royal College of Midwives and fully insured.



Guided Imagery

My sessions are varied and unique to each individual. Initially I can support you with any symptoms you may be experiencing such as flashbacks and reliving the birth, giving you tools and techniques to help you cope with these symptoms.

My sessions also involve deep relaxation and visualisation; I will then help you to process the emotions of your trauma using Human Givens psychotherapy techniques including the “rewind” technique. I also often explore other principles such as CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy), holistic releasing, the compassionate mind and mindfullness.

We then finish the therapy by building your confidence for future challenges.

Skype sessions and phone consultations are now available!

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Basic package – £350

4 x 90 mins therapy sessions midweek daytime (9am-5pm)


Classic package- £425

30 minute introductory phone call

4 x 90 mins therapy sessions midweek including evenings


Intensive package – £650

One hour introductory phone call

4 x 90 mins therapy sessions including evenings & weekends

Daily midweek text support available throughout therapy

Follow up phone call 1 month after therapy for up to 1 hr


Phone Consultations

30 minute Phone consultation = £20

£10 for every additional 10 minutes

Most people find remarkable results quite quickly. Often 4 sessions is all it takes for you to feel emotionally relieved of your traumas, but each person is unique and individual, so I will work with you to create a plan that supports you best. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch- I’m passionate that finance shouldn’t be a barrier to the care and support you need- payment plans are available.